The town of San Pancho may not be the most famous Mexican city that comes to mind when you consider a beach holiday with a few waves, sand, and sun, but once you discover this hideout, you’ll probably come back again and enjoy its benefits. You can also visit Lets Go Surfing to find more about it. The locals have nicknamed it San Francisco. San Pancho is located in Banderas Bay, around the Mexican Pacific coast, because unlike the usual surf spots, San Pancho returns in force – this city attracts surfers. That means, although not discovered, it is still available for tourists, about 45 minutes’ drive north of Puerto Vallarta on the Riviera Nayarit.

High Waves for Experienced Surfers

Here’s the spot for you if you want to hit the waves and surf. You can find over 12 cliffs in one hour, and you can also create waves up to three meters high throughout the season. Although beginners and advanced surfers try to surf in San Pancho, it is more suitable for users looking for waves. Experienced surfers are usually the only ones who can learn the waves, as they are temperamental and split into a combination of sand and rocks (rocks can be harmful).


Secured Place for Beginners

Considering that the waves are thick, hollow, and fast, this is not the right place for beginners. They reach the shore and do not offer a long enough run to get up, which helps to learn. Beginners should stop by the surf shop in San Pancho and Ask Alonso, a local surf trainer, who can teach you in a secured place.

Great Packages Available

boardGuides may be willing to attract visitors, although surfers know that some of their best spots are hard to find, and some don’t want to give them away. Some vacation suites include accommodation and surfing tours, which makes it easy to plan your vacation.

These packages offer options like five times the surf for surf lessons or eight times the surf. Surf packages vary depending on each person’s level and taste. Shortboards, longboards, and cast boards are up for rent in the city, and rates cover use.

Implemented Safety Procedures

Whether you are surfing at sea or not, you should check the weather before surfing you may go to local surf shops for advice. Be careful when surfing and observe safety measures.

If you are on vacation on another coast, consider San Pancho, Mexico. If you want to surf and see this tourist city, the waves may not be consistent, but there are many surf spots in the area.