Looking for a heavy duty travel suitcase? Here are some suggestions. There are so many suitcase varieties online. Any first timer would be spoilt for choice. If you are in the market looking for new travel luggage, this article gives a brief description and guide. Here is a ‘Best Suitcase for Heavy Travellers’ guide with a focus on domestic and international travel. Here are suitable suitcase brands in regards to softness, weight, style and price points. When considering the best travel suitcases, we should look at reputable brands that test different lifestyles.


suitcaseWhy Pick a Travel Suitcase?

Researching the best travel suitcases is time-consuming. You will go through pages and pages of suitcases online. Suitcases today have unique features, great price points and support different brands. Before looking at this list, here are some things to keep in mind before deciding on the best suitcase.



What is the Best Suitcase for Your Travel?

If you intend to use the suitcase when flying, weight plays a key role. Look at the weight limits in your airline of choice. Monitor the weight and size of your luggage going in and out of the airport. This includes lifting it into your vehicle, upstairs or at check-in points.

In cases where your luggage is used for road trips, ensure the suitcase comfortably fits the vehicle storage compartments. In a situation where the suitcase is used for cruising, stack the luggage in the boat belly before departing. In this regard, ensure the suitcase comfortably fits within the cabin.


What Size Should I go for?

In a situation where your travel style fluctuates among road trips, flights, cruises and staycations – you do not need four different suitcases. If you have young kids, you might want a suitcase which your children can grow into. Airlines today are getting tougher on weight limits without incurring baggage fees. The aim here is to ensure the size of the suitcase holds everything safely and securely. If you over-extend your hand on luggage size, the goal is to fill the space. The bigger the house, the more stuff required to fill in. The main considerations to look at is the type of trip (road, flight, and cruise), the length of the trips, seasons and destination, and your travel budgets.


world mapSuitcase Features

There are the two-wheel suitcases commonly referred to as rollers. The wheels can be retracted back into the case preventing them from snapping. It has been proven that two wheels are way better than the four wheels. On the downside, the two-wheel suitcases utilize skateboard wheels that roll backward and forward. The four-wheel suitcases commonly referred to as spinners, are more ergonomic. They are less stressful and exert less pressure on the shoulders. They are best for plain aisles and train stations due to their maneuverability. The hard shell suitcase offers the users better longevity and protects the inner contents from breakages. They are better secured than their lighter counterparts. Alternatively, the soft shell suitcase in light in weight, and absorbs shock better than the hard shell alternatives.